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Our testimonials and reviews are a testament to how we have helped many others find relief from their pain and symptoms. We look forward to meeting you and getting you started on your path to recovery in a safe, natural and honest manner. Our goal is to be your chiropractor in Denver.

"I LOVE this office! The doctor awesome and the staff is super nice! I’ve been coming here for about a month and seeing a difference in my condition. My 1 year old daughter saw the doc today for the first time because she legit never sleeps. She’s been napping for over an hour and had no problem going down. This is not like her 🙂 we will continue to come here and recommend to anyone looking for a great chiropractor!"
- Julie DeBartolo Fay

"Dr. Simmer and staff are great...we are so glad that we found them! They solved my back problem following a fall...I was so relieved."
- Holly Gehl Reiter

"Always feel better after a visit to Dr. Simmer. Even on their busiest days they get me in and out quickly. He also addresses any new concerns I may have. Staff is polite and personable. Best decision I have ever made was to become a patient of Spine Chiro!"
- Brianne Leigh Southers

"I’ve been to several chiropractors in the area over the last few years and this is hands down the best!"
- Lauren Lingerfelt Ilg

"Found Spine Chiro after finding out my "normal" chiro was closed most of the hours I could go. Can't say enough good things about the staff at Spine Chiro! Office hours are great, Doctor Simmer is awesome and has worked WONDERS in the short amount of time I have been coming here, and the office staff is friendly and helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!"
- Patti Cosgrove Carr

"One year later and I'm still 100% pain free after finding out I had rotated discs. Went from pain so bad that I couldn't breathe properly to going back to work to a physically demanding job. All thanks to the experts at Spine Chiropractic. They gladly explain everything they're doing in a easy way to understand. I would highly recommend Spine!"
- Jason Parks

"Walked well hunched over on Monday by Friday I am nearly straight. Awesomeness!"
- Jane Ryan

"My first experience with a chiropractor, never believed it worked, but now I'm hooked! They are the BEST!"
- Maria Bates Gibson

"Suffered with Headaches and in one day I got relief. They are fast, efficient and very friendly. They pointed out my problems which were easy to understand and now have me on a treatment for complete recovery. This place is amazing! For someone who has never been to a chiropractor I was blown away. Your spine really does affect all of your body. Everyone should try this place!"
- Ben Boutwell

"Amazing! I was suffering from a fall for about a year. I felt better after the first session and don't have back trouble anymore."
- Emily Murphy

"Love the staff at Spine Chiropractic! I had serious neck/shoulder pain and headaches and now it only flares up occasionally. I had had never gone to the chiropractor before and it is truly amazing."
- Rachel Johnson

"Threw my lower back out at the gym. After one visit I felt great, after two more I was back to 100 %. I will be coming back to stay aligned for sure."
- Trey Cox

"The Doctors and staff are the best. I am proof of their sign that states come crawl in. I could only lay on one side not even in a sitting position for 3 weeks. If not for spine chiropractic I don't know what shape I would be in."
- Alecia Saltzman

"Everyone there is amazing!!! They know your name when you walk in! 6 months on medication for 3 bad disc in my neck!!! Now I feel amazing!!!!!!!"
- Jimmy Owenby

"Highly recommend Dr. Michael Simmer and Dr. Shaun Simmer. They are true professionals that put me at ease from the start and helped my husband and I tremendously. Thank you Both! So thankful for the office staff as well. They are all so kind and courteous. We highly recommend Spine Chiropractic!"
- Mary Tate

"Dr. Simmer and staff are awesome! They offer the best chiropractic care (other chiropractors come to Dr. Simmer for their adjustments!) with flexible hours to accommodate everyone’s needs...I am very blessed to have found them!"
- Lisa Davis

"They helped me tremendously!!! I have serious spinal issues and Dr. Simmer is fabulous!! Very knowledgeable and the staff is extremely accommodating!!!"
- Vincent Minerva

"Both Dr. Michael and Dr. Shaun Simmer are awesome. Very caring and professional. My quality of life has greatly improved. I highly recommend them!"
- Jane Maloney

"Super experiences with an acute neck spasm of my daughter. Dr Michael Simmer studied her case overnight and gave an excellent plan with almost immediate relief!"
- Tamara Stanley Schnell

"Best EVER!!! I would recommend Dr Michael Simmer to anyone who suffers pain, of ANY KIND. Dr Simmer gave me my life back after suffering unbelievable pain for over 15 years. I am so so thankful that my brother insisted that I just go and hear what Dr Simmer had to say after looking at my x-rays.

After 15 years of orthopedic doctors, surgeons, primary care doctors, physical therapy, nerve blocks, injections over & over, x rays, ct scans, mri's..........oh I could go on and on but I was so tired; I really and truly had convinced myself that it was over for me to ever expect that I could live a normal and less painful way of life, and I was on the brink of giving up, and losing all hope.

BUT, in a round about way, God gave me a miracle when Dr. Simmer told me that he could plainly see on my x-rays, what was wrong....what was causing my pain and he promised me that he could and would help me. And he did!! I am so thankful every day that I have my life back! I would encourage anyone who is in pain with no hope of relief, to make an appointment and take that first step into what can literally change your life. Don't be blinded by your pain and give up. There is hope!!"
- Peggy Thompson

"My experience here has been nothing short of incredible. When I came in I was in so much pain from a herniated disc I was terrified it would never subside and I would lose so much because I couldn’t work, walk, or do much of anything.

However Dr. Simmer and staff made one of the worst times I’ve experienced into a life changing recovery in almost no time. I can’t express the gratitude I have for everyone who works here. The staff is among the most genuinely kind individuals which made my healing process that much easier/comfortable. I will be coming here for as long as they’re in business and recommending Spine Chiropractic to everyone I know.

This is by far the best experience I’ve had at any medical facility to date because there is no price you can put on your well being and they have given that back to me!"
- Michelle Morawsky


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